Dear Readers, Dear Friends!

Welcome to the website of the Society for the Study of the Problems of Matter Evolution.
The Society for the Study of the Problems of Matter Evolution is a non-profit organization in the form of a voluntary, self-governing, all-Russian public association, created at the initiative of citizens of the Russian Federation, who have united on the basis of common interests to realize common goals, namely to organize scientific, cultural and practical activities aimed at studying problems of matter evolution and, in particular, at studying, experimental confirmation and further development of the scientific heritage of Professor B.U. Rodionov, who has contributed to the development of the evolution of matter.
The society conducts its work in sections, the main activities of which are:
Section of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
  • threadlike forms of matter - research and registration;
  • research in the field of nonlocal interactions and their manifestations;
  • autonomous energy-informative formations ("phantoms") - the nature of appearance and methods of registration;
  • plasmographic studies;
  • laboratory methods of generation of artificial plasma formations ("ball lightning in the laboratory");
  • promising methods of energy generation and transportation;
  • creation of materials with unusual properties and their research.
Biology and Biophysics Section
  • problems of modern cell and systems biology;
  • metamateriality of biophysics - theory and practice;
  • research of the phenomenon of "mirror of biophysical transformation of matter";
  • interdisciplinary biophysical system research "Biodynamics of open systems";
  • research of influence of cyclic impacts of "physical factors of space and terrestrial origin on biological objects";
  • promising methods of influence on the development of bacterial crops and agricultural plants.
Section for the Study of Unusual Human Abilities
  • studies of the phenomenon of telekinesis and its distant forms;
  • research of biolocation effects and their practical aspects;
  • monopulse plasmography - new directions in human bioenergetic research.
If any of our readers would like to participate in the work of the Society, we will be glad to cooperate. The Society for the Study of the Problems of Matter Evolution is open to cooperation with individuals and organizations that share the goals and objectives of the Society, and this cooperation is possible both in the form of creative interaction in the process of solving certain problems and in the form of membership in the Society (such possibility is provided by the Charter both for individuals and for organizations). All the information you need in these cases can be obtained by sending us a free-form written request.